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Sirine Senken CJB-150

Sirine Senken CJB-150 Streamline shape, wide colored digital display; Tones selected by electrical switch; Huge power, HI-FI, inside micro-chip; Switch-off memory function; Matched with 150W HI-FI speaker. Technical Data Model CJB150B Voltage DC12V/24V Power 150W Impedance 6 ohm Sound Compression Level 115–120dB Siren Tone Main Function Aux,Yelp,Hi-Lo,Wail-1,Wail-2,Siren,Horn,Tool Apabila Anda tertarik dengan produk ini, silahkan hubungi kami untuk mengetahui ketersediaan unit. BINTANG JAYA – Distributor Sirine Polisi dan Lampu Polisi Pusat  [ Read More ]

Sirine Senken CJB-100

Sirine Senken CJB-100 Detached design , separating control system from mainframe,easy installation intended for interior beautiful looking of vehicles; High power and HI-FI; Micro-chip control and steady frequency; Handle designed controller,easy installation and operation for light control function. Technical Data Model CJB100F1 Voltage DC12V/24V Power 100W Impedance 8 ohm Sound Compression Level 115–120dB Siren Tone Main Function Yelp,Hi-Lo,Wail-1,Wail-2,Siren,Horn,Tool.Manual,Rotator,Flasher,Yelp Relay,Super Siren       Apabila Anda tertarik dengan produk ini, silahkan  [ Read More ]

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Review Sirine Broadc

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Review Sirine CanTro

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